Welcome to AntiqueCommon.com

Welcome - We are introducing a collaborative marketing program developed in concert with many Antique and Collectible dealers in Central and Southern New England. If you are involved in the Tourism / Antique business you know walk-in traffic is down, with many dealers being forced out of business by a slow economy, and competition from online auction sites and higher fuel prices.

The world is changing and the way we conduct business is changing. Many businesses resist change. It's natural. But the honest reality is in business, if we don't change we will be left behind.

Our marketing program is specifically designed for this new reality, and will help the Antique or Collectible dealer in an effective and cost effective way. We will help you:

1. Identify your potential customers in a given geographic area.
2. Introduce these customers to your product line.
3. Keep in touch with those you attract with an affordable and convenient system.

The AntiqueCommon.com Marketing Program consists of the following

1. A fully updateable Website and Online Store
Your own website that is affordable, and easy to use which includes an online store
that allows the user to upload as many items, photos descriptions etc., without the need to
understand any web language. Our advanced system makes data management easier-than-ever!

2. Every item displayed for sale on your website simultaneously appears on our master site
shop.antiquecommon.com! This unique program is the lynchpin to helping you reach your potential target
audience. Every item you display will be tagged with keywords, so that anyone who types in the
keyword on that item, the item will come up in the search query. This service is free with the
purchase of the above website - see customer service for details info@antiquecommon.com.

Collaborative Advertising Program

Each dealer contributes $35 p/month to a collaborative advertising program through other internet search engines, drawing traffic in numbers individual website owners could never afford - just imagine 100 dealers contributing $35 per month? This budget would attract approximately 3,000 unique visitors every month who are specifically looking for antiques! (there's your target audience). Under this scenario, AntiqueCommon.com will generate over 35,000 new visitors (who are searching for antiques) in the first year alone! Not a bad potential return for $35 per month.

Dealer Directory and locator
In addition to every item being displayed on AntiqueCommon.com, each dealer will be listed in the search engine database, so, if customers are searching by geographic region for dealers, they can view your location, receive directions and view an automatically generated google driving / printable map.

Each individual website comes with a powerful search engine optimization program (LinkShare) designed to increase traffic to your site in collaboration with other Antique dealers.

Online E-mail Newsletter Generator
A key marketing component that is often overlooked is communication with current customers. The traditional way - mailing postcards to existing or potential customers is becoming more and more expensive. AntiqueCommon.com has designed a system which allows the dealer to send an e-mail newsletter to their customer base every month. If you have 200 names in your database, this system alone would save $100 p/month or more!

The premise of our program is Marketing Collaboration. Whether you realize it or not, marketing collaboration takes place every time a dealer refers a customer to another shop down the road. This still happens all the time. Now, with fewer and fewer people traveling, dealers must adapt with the times. Our program is allows for digital collaboration, providing the same opportunities, but on a larger scale and a much lower cost.
There is no doubt "the times are changing", they always have and always will. and it will always be true that "In changing economic times, peoples buying habits are more likely to change." With the internet growing and growing and traditional forms of marketing (print, radio, TV, newspapers, etc.) remaining expensive and......less effective, well, The times are REALLY changing.

If you are currently in an antique / collectible business and would like to learn more and receive a full demonstration of our product, we would be happy to set up an appointment and give you a test drive - at no cost or obligation. Just for listening we'll give you a listing on our site, which will include your logo/photo, contact information and google locator - a $100 value - free of charge.

Please call Dave White at 508-476-5208 or email Dave@AntiqueCommon.com.